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Why use All Debt Collections Inc. ?
All Debt Collections Inc. Is a Debt Recovery Specialist. We are licensed and Bonded Collection Agency. We operate at the highest standard in the Industry. Our Agents are trained with high level ethical professional standards so that they are always mindful their relationship to our customers in all arrears.

We obtain payments of your overdue accounts using a combination of letters, email, faxes and telephone calls. Our collection efforts will escalate should your customer – debtor refuses a quick resolution.
All Debt Collections Inc. Is a proven way of recovery of bad debts, However, should your debtor’s fail to resolve their debts, we may recommend to initiate legal action against them through the Courts , which will result in retaining a Law Firm for commencing action in Court.

Judgment Recovery;
ADCI will file and register the Judgment on your behalf with the court; this will entitles us to take further action against the debtor’s. Also other options – procedures to enforce Judgment; are as fallows;

Property Lien; A writ can be put on any real estate that a debtor may own. When the debtor is trying to sell their home, you would be entitled to the funds that are owed to you. If a debtor is trying to renew their mortgage, mortgage companies will not renew their mortgage until the creditor’s is satisfied. In addition should the debtor have enough equity in the ownership of the property, a Court Order can be applied to force a judicial sale of the real-estate owned by the debtor.

Seizure of Assets: Seizure of Assets can include equipment, vendor foods, vehicles, investments such as RRSPs, stocks and bonds.

Garnishee Summons; Garnishment can be made against the debtor at their financial Institution and place of employment.

Skip Tracing: Our skip tracing team can help you locate your customers by providing you with a current address phone number and possible where they are currently employed. , this will allow you to have update info and the opportunity to contact the debtor and get your bill paid.
Note; In today’s society, it is extremely difficult for anyone to disappear completely, with ADCI on board we can make it harder.

Credit Bureau Reporting; Should the debtor refuse to remit payment, we can report your bad debt to your customer’s credit bureau. This will affect their credit rating for years making it difficult for them to obtain financing until they resolve their debt. If you believe we can assist you in recovery of funds, kindly submit your claim to ADCI.

Please down load this form and fax to our office. Click here to download:

Creditor Agreement Letter

From: All Debt Collections Inc.

201 – 1450 O’Connor Drive, Bldg. #2
Toronto, Ontario M4B 2T8
Tel: 416-371-6654 Fax: 416-438-0438
Debt is Less than one year Debt is Greater than one year
$50.00 – $999.00 30% $50.00 – $999.00 40%
$1000.00 – $4999.00 25% $1000.00 – $4999.00 35%
$5000.00 – $9999.00 20% $5000.00 – $9999.00 30%
Greater than $10,000.00 10% Greater than $10,000.00 15%
The above rates are pre-judgment out of court rates effective June 1st, 2014.
All post-judgment rates shall be 15%-50% based on account by account basis.

Client – Creditor agrees to:

1. Above rate schedule is the commission All Debt Collections Inc. Will retain once debt is collected. This includes accounts paid to us, or paid to you, or on the value of goods returned to you effective as soon as All Debt Collections Inc. receives your debtor details.

2. Clients will required to give 60 days notice to remove all accounts with ADCI.

3. Clients agrees to report all direct payments or accepted returns immediately to All Debt Colletions Inc. so we can invoice you (30 day terms).

4. All debts will be serviced and maintained by All Debt Collections Inc. for a minimum of 12 months after which accounts can be withdrawn at no charge.

5. Any accounts withdrawn from collection before All Debt Collections Inc. recommends termination of action, will be charge 10% of assigned debt.

6. Debtor payments received in Canadian dollars will be paid in Canadian dollars. US dollars payments will be paid out in US dollars.

7. Interest may not be charge on an overdue account unless it is clearly stated on your invoice or contract. Collection fees cannot be added to any account.

8. All Collections are deposited in our trust account and paid to creditor on the 15th of the month.

9. The contract provides All Debt Collections Inc. the authority to commence legal proceedings against the debtor and as such can relay this information to your debtor and per Collection Agency Act Regulations. However at which time legal action is the only recourse the account will be withdrawn at no charge. We will provide you with a selection of Paralegals and Lawyers to help with court action. This gives the client an opportunity to review available rates and specialization that best meet your needs. We will provide all documentations of letters and calls made to date at no charge to assist your legal team winning settlements.

10. Accounts with judgments will be reported-register with credit bureau.

11. Client agrees to indemnity and hold All Debt Collections Inc. harmless for any loss, damage or expense arising from or bearing on the acts and or omissions of legal team.

12. I have read and understand the above terms and conditions.

Client – Creditor Comany Name ——————————————————————————————
Address: —————————————————————————————————-
Tel: —————————– Fax: ————————— Email: ——————————–
Signature: ——————————- Date: ————————————-

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Address: 201 - 1450 O'Connor Drive, Bldg. #2
Toronto, Ontario M4B 2T8
Tel: 416-371-6654
Email: info@alldebtcollections.com