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All Debt Collections Inc. was founded by Canadian Entrepreneur Lincoln Allen, with a mandate to assist Creditors in collections of debts owing and outstanding by Debtors. Lincoln who has a wide range of legal experience as a former Paralegal for over 20 years, a Certified Adjudicator (SOAR) since 2005 and Commissioner of Oaths since 1992, with no doubt has the experience under his belt in dealing with debtors in all sectors.
It is important to note that some collections agencies and other debt recovery agencies services and law firms generally will not accept files for good reasons. We will accept files for our recovery department from creditors if the information is creditable and if the real loss can be proven without a doubt.
I must mention that some creditors do believe most debtors are savvy enough to know threatening court action of a $500.00 file will not motivate these debtors. But they can be reported to a credit bureau like Equifax or Trans Union which would certainly impact a debtor’s credit rating, which in turn limit their ability to obtain credit or borrow money in the future. Most Creditors wants action and will go to the end to recover their debt’s small or big. Some Creditors will say I really want to collect this debt due to hardship or more…. and strongly believes the debtor is in the position to pay but just playing games. They’re hardcore deadbeats that have rationalized not paying debts due so often that it has become a lifestyle choice for them. Creditors will often say time to time they contemplate filing a claim in court, it’s not the money, and it’s the principle.
On an individual collection file it might not be profitable but overall it might stop a lot of deadbeats’ debtors and send a message “you are not going to pull this off and get away with being a delinquent client.
Upon conclusion ADCI will undertake carriage of your file and aimed to put money back in your pocket with no cost to you. So you can submit your claim to us by visiting our home page “Submit a Claim” Link.

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